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A little bit about Mark...
Becoming a driving instructor

I was first introduced to the idea of becoming a driving instructor over 25 years ago in a karate class. I was an assistant instructor at a class in Worthing at the time when one of my students asked me if I enjoyed teaching. I said yes and he then asked if I had ever considered teaching driving. To be honest it had never crossed my mind but once we had had a good long talk about it I decided it would definitely be worth looking in to.

It just so happened that this student was a driving instructor and it was with him that I first started to learn about driving instruction. After a few months I began to realise that though he was a nice enough person, he wasn’t really able to provide me with the correct education I would need to become a professional driving instructor. I went and had a chat with one of the owners of Worthing Driver training services, Reg Beldam, and under his skilled tuition proceeded to pass the three exams I needed to become a qualified Driving Instructor.

I worked at WDTS for a good few years and found myself in a job that I enjoyed; this one reason, more than any other, is why I'm still doing it. At WDTS I taught all aspects of driving from pre-driver training courses for under-17s, up to motorway lessons and refresher courses. During this time I also taught driving offender courses which were designed to educate youngsters that had been brought before the courts for driving offences. It was also during my time with WDTS that I gained a 7307 City & Guilds qualification in Further Education. This allowed me to extend my teaching in to classrooms (an important qualification when the driving theory test was first introduced as part of the driving test!). I taught at a couple of colleges in and around Worthing at the time and also in night classes based at the offices of WDTS which had its own classroom.

Time for a change

After about 8 years at WDTS I decided that I would like a change so started working for a small company based in Hove, teaching in an area covering Worthing to Whitehawk. It was a nice change of scenery and presented a whole new range of situations and hazards to teach. I did this for a couple of years before deciding I would like to work more for myself allowing me to spend more time on my own hobbies - martial arts and Shiatsu (working for myself allowed me to successfully complete a 3 year course in this form of Japanese massage).

ME Driving today

It has now been about 10 years since I made the move to run my own business as a driving instructor. Covering the area from Littlehampton to the West, Lancing to the East, and Steyning to the North, I teach Learners, Refresher courses, Motorway, sessions, Pass Plus and the odd parking lesson or two.

I like to think of myself as a relaxed Instructor who really enjoys his job and teaches his students to cope with more hazards and situations than they will find on the test so that they are ready to drive anywhere after they have passed with out worry. I also like to think that my students enjoy themselves during the learning process, having a chat and a laugh but always remembering that driving is a serious business. I teach students to remember that whilst they should be relaxed when driving, they must still be aware of everything that is happening around them. Many of my students upon passing and starting to drive for themselves have become friends and I want them to survive on todays busy and dangerous roads.

Over the years I have used Fords, Vauxhalls, Renaults and Peugeots. I have taught College students, motorbike riders, nurses, electricians, Doctors, mechanics, housewives, OAPs, estate agents, farmers, dancers, plumbers, taxmen, managers, servicemen and women, shopworkers, builders, hairdressers, engineers, massage therapists and teachers! Having taught all sorts (and a few more!) to pass their driving test we’ve probably discussed most subjects under the sun and I would like to think that all my students enjoyed themselves, but most importantly, I would like them to remember that the skills I have taught them will keep them safe every time they start their engine and drive.